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Complete Karaoke System , Karaoke Amplifier, Karaoke Music, MP3+G Karaoke Player, Microphone, and Speakers. Powerful Karaoke, DJ, and Video DJ Kit. This DJ package will have you ready for any event. It features the Most powerfull 15 inch speakers on the market. The best karaoke Laptop with DJ Software Included. It also includes a Karaoke Microphone System, Karaoke monitor stand, Karaoke Mixing board and speaker stands. Complete tech support, XFactor Karaoke and DJ. If you're looking for a karaoke player that can do it all, the Neo-22 is the perfect machine for you. This model is the latest installment to our highly successful RSQ line of Karaoke Players. Due to its multi-format capability and recording function the Neo-22 is currently one of the most sought after machines. Along with its great body this model was designed with high quality original JVC/RSQ tooling. Its design and system makes it easy to operate, record, and rip your music. Without doubt this machine is perfect for all Kj's/Dj's as well as Karaoke Aficionados.
American Idol Karaoke System with studio monitor speakers. Features the all new RSQ NEO 22 karaoke player and Dual wireless microphones. The Audio2000's AKJ7809 Recordable All-In-One Karaoke PA System contains a built-in power amplifier, speakers, DVD/CDG/CD player, USB Port and SD Card reader/recorder! The AKJ7809 is compact and easy to transport allowing you the freedom of having a powerful road machine. Also you can connect to various audio/video devices via the outputs on the back of the machine. Connect to Multiple TV sets, external sound systems and/or multiple sound effects devices! The compact design makes this machine an easy choice for KJ's, DJ's and all types of musical enthusiasts! Karaoke System - Better than a portable karaoke system. More Karaoke features more power plus a better sound. Ultimate Karaoke Entertainment has never been more affordable. See for yourself with live karaoke singing in the video.
800 vatios amplificador de mezcla de karaoke (2) Altavoces 300 vatios archivar datos de karaoke Sistema de micrófonos inalámbricos de mano con 2 micrófonos RSQ NEO 22 Karaoke Player (2) Cables de altavoces 1000 canciones y letras populares. Small Club system or home karaoke system. A great component system at a portable karaoke system price. Karaoke System Karaoke Amplifier, Karaoke Player, Speakers, and Vocal Microphones.
Karaoke System Upgrade Kit. Update any standard Karaoke System By adding this Package. It inludes a Carry Case, Dual Wireless Hand Held Microphones, Power Strip, Two Mic Stands, Karaoke LCD Monitor Stand, Two Speaker Stands. " BEST KARAOKE SYSTEM VALUE " 1500 Watt Karaoke Mixing Amplifier , Karaoke CD Player with Computer Hard Drive Port, Karaoke Hard Drive, Dual Karaoke Wireless Microphone System, 2 High Powered Karaoke Speakers, Karaoke Music, All Connecting Cables. Club Karaoke System Professional Mobile Road Case Audio 2000 MP3G Karaoke Player HDMI Out Put Plus Standard Karaoke Out 1500 watt Karaoke Mixing Amplifier, 1000 Karaoke songs and More.
Cavs 203G USB Karaoke player plays DVD / MPEG4 / VCD / Super CD+G / CD+G / MCG / CD / MP3 / AVI / JPEG. Technical Pro Hybrid Amplifier HB1502U Digital Hybrid Amplifier / Preamp / Tuner with USB and SD Card Inputs, VRTX 15" speakers. Tons of great music! MP3G Karaoke System Includes - 800 Watt Karaoke Mixing Amplifier, LCD Color Monitor with Stand, 20 Foot Video Cable, Speakers, SpeakerStands, Speaker Stand Case, 25 ft Speaker Cables, MP3 G USB Karaoke Player with Record , Wireless Microphones, Microphone Stands with Mic Clips,And Music. Digital Karaoke System Includes - Hybrid Karaoke Mixing Amplifier, LCD Color Karaoke Monitor with Stand, 20 Foot Video Cable, Speakers, SpeakerStands, Speaker Stand Case, 25 ft Speaker Cables, MP3 G USB Karaoke Player with Record , Wireless Microphones, Microphone Stands with Mic Clips,And Music.




RSQ Ka 2000 karaoke mixing amplifier, RSQ NK 2000 U Karaoke Player, AWA 250 watt Speakers, Microphones, and karaoke music. Start your own karaoke today ! Perfect for all bar owners and karaoke enthusiasts! You won'r find a system with this quality and at this low price any were else. Start your own karaoke business with this affordable package, Great for Club owners who like to keep customers entertained.
Club Karaoke system, Digital karaoke mixing board, QSC Power Amplifier, Karaoke music, and much more. Laptop karaoke and Disc Jockey Computer Includes Karaoke Laptop, Karaoke Software, DJ software, Amplifier, Speakers, Microphones, and Cables. Karaoke and DJ Laptop Computer System. Laptop Computer, Karaoke and DJ Speakers, Microphones, Karaoke and DJ Mixing amplifier, AWA Vocal Microphone
Karaoke System with LCD color karaoke monoitor, Core karaoke Music, karaoke Player, See more in the detailed listing. Karaoke System with Record Option -2 year unconditional warranty on Speakers -Wireless Microphone- Record Mic -Karaoke player - Karaoke Music and Mixer with Digital Vocal Effects. Our value series karaoke system. Great starter music pack included. All you have to do is plug it in and sing.
Karaoke and Disc Jockey System, karaoke computer, Dual DJ CD Player online Video Mobile Karaoke Disc Jockey System. Karaoke System includes 7 inch color Karaoke monitor, Digial karaoke mixing board, Cavs Karaoke Player, Karaoke music and much more. (1)Karaoke Mixing Board with Vocal effects (2) K8 QSC Speakers Featuring a sound pressure of 127 DB at only 27 Pounds and only 17.7 inches tall and 11 inches wide 10.6 inches deep. This rivals speakers at 150 pounds and 4 feet tall. "Absolute Perfect Vocals - Just Unbelievable Power" (1) RSQ HD 787 karaoke computer " This unit is just Incredible" (2) Karaoke Vocal Microphones (2) Karaoke microphone Cables (2) K8 Speaker Cables.
American Audio Karaoke disc jockey laptop system with karaoke software. Includes 1 TB Laptop American Audio Speakers, Wireless Microphones, Mixing board, and more. Upgradeable karaoke system. We give you a starting point. the rest is up to you. call us 1-800-557-7464. Mobile Club Disc Jockey System and Karaoke with a laptop computer. Includes the latest Speaker technology from American DJ.
2000 Watts of continues power from two QSC K10 Speakers. Portable, powerful and easy to use are just a few features of this Sound System. 2 QSC K10 Speakers The k10 is the Smallest, lightest and most powerful speaker on Planet Earth. 2 Speaker Stands Allen & Heath ZED10FX Mixing Board we provided a link for the operators manual on the ZED 10 FX ZED 10fx Operators Manual Click Here Karaoke, DJ, and Video DJ Laptop Computer with a Massive 1 TB Hard Drive Powerful Numark CUE Karaoke, DJ, and Video DJ Software Wireless Microphone System with Two Handheld Microphones 2 Low Noise Shielded Speaker Cables FREE VGA to RCA Converter 99.95 Value - Lets you hook up your TV with a standard RCA Cable FREE 1000 Popular Karaoke Songs 289.95 Value FREE 20 Foot RCA Cable for hooking up a TV 19.95 Value 1 Year of Free Tech Support. ARRAY Style Speaker System Includes: 1 x Sub woofer with 3-Channel Amplifier 2 x Array Speakers 2 x Speaker brackets Speaker Stands Speaker Stand Carry Case 2 x Speaker Cables 1000 Gig DJ and Karaoke Laptop Karaoke and DJ Software 1 Year of Free Tech Support A knowledgable sales team the has been in sound reinforcement since 1989 Free Bonus Dual UHF Wireless Microphone system included see details below BEHRINGER Premium 12-Input 2/2-Bus Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamps, British EQs, 24-Bit Multi-FX Processor and USB/Audio Interface.
We designed this karaoke system for the following reasons. Best Built Speakers on the market Period. Best sounding speakers with a crystal clear midrange. Allowing the Vocals to Lead the Bass and Treble Very Unique. Unbelievable Warranty and ITS TRUE. HIGHEST QAULITY COMPONENTS ON THE MARKET AT THE LOWEST PRICE. Easily play your favorate song in seconds. The System Comes Complete with a karaoke mixing amplifier, speaker, microphones, road case, and more. Karaoke System that does not require a sub. Laptop Karaoke Computer, Karaoke Software, Lexicon Vocal Effects, Drive Rack PX, Audio Technica Microphones. Set up by us before it ships.
Powerful Rugged Versatile Karaoke system. Karaoke Laptop with software. Perfect Mobile Karaoke system includes Lexicon Vocal Effects, DBX Drive rack, Sound Craft Mixer. Yorkville Club Karaoke System Includes a Laptop Computer with Karaoke Software and DJ Software. Dual Wireless Microphone System two 15 inch Speakers two subwoofers a Mobile roadcase with a Glide style Laptop Shelve. Multi effects Mixing board and More. Laptop Karaoke System Large Club or Dance Club. features a radical new loudspeaker horn design, arguably the first major evolution in horn technology in the last 60 years.
Brutus was designed to give the Club owner or Serious Disc Jockey a competitive edge. This system is using the most advanced Computer Technology, Speakers Technology and Signal Processing on the market. The tx 1152 speakers are also flyable for installed sound systems. Soundcraft Computer Karaoke System with Lexicon Vocal Effects for Singing Professionals. Rock Solid 4000 Watts of real Power and a Sound Pressure Level of 131 DB to Back up the Powere Rating. That's Real Club Sound. Disc Jockey, Video, karaoke System and Bose all weather Speaker System for a mobile Disc Jockey, Permanent installed sound or temporary installed Sound. Our most versatile Professional Entertainment System.